UO Intimates

Let's be a bit nostalgic, sexy and dreamy today. That's exactly what Urban Outfitter's lingerie is like! I adore the cuts, the lovely pale colors and how they are combined with lace. Perfect for a natural, but sexy look beneath your clothes. If you haven't recognized it yet: I just got a little heart tattoo under my right hip! It stands for exactly the person I represent on these pictures. A strong woman who loves herself, has dreams and aims, but never forgets to think realistic. It reminds me of where I got so far and where I wanna stand in couple years. Well, not that I absolutely need to look at a tattoo to remind me of this, but maybe some day I maybe won't know where to go and I'm pretty sure this little heart will lead me in the right direction again and it will say: Never forget to be wild, warmhearted and free like in your twenties!


Wild heart scorpio


Inspiration phase babes, that's what's going on right now in my life. As I'm in Germany currently I concentrate on my studies and try to gain new inspiration, especially for my upcoming time in Los Angeles. Therefore I absolutely fell for this 'wild heart' collection by Freepeople which is definitely one of my favourite brands, because they always figure it out to create the best bohemian style ever! Moreover I just got my first hair-o-scope by Madison Reed which I find fits perfectly to this lookbook! A brand which stands for natural hair care & color which I find truely fantastic and important for a healthy, fit and organic lifestyle! Do you still search for your perfect hair color? Check out Madison Reed's color adisor here!


Fresh babe

Sometimes paradise really is on earth! Well, I guess you won't really find it in Downtown LA, but I personally found it in fantastic people in Venice, Long Beach and yes in Downtown as well. These pictures shall refere to Justin Bieber's new music video for "What do you mean?". I guess either you love or hate Justin, but I adore this song and I hear it like every day currently! Well, what I mean with this photo serie? I tried to connect the blog with some arts in form of graffiti and a cool, casual style with my H&M T-shirt and this Victoria's Secret underwear. Of course it was a super cool shooting again with my friend Abe Bermudez! Thanks again for these amazing pictures, Abe.


Wild wild west

Photo shootings with Rush Varela are always a pleasure to me. We went to a studio in Downtown L.A. and took these photos while having a great time and so much fun! Working with Rush is always based on one important thing: If you're not feeling any pain while doing a pose, it's not gonna be a perfect picture. Moreover: Head up, no smiling. When the camera is off: Just laugh and have a good time! So I just put on my new romper by American Apparel and that cool hat by Ecoté and combined this outfit with some Posh tattoos which I find absolutely beautiful! And last but not least: The little cactus on the first picture was the real shooting star on that day! Made my day.


Pink flavour

Well, lets forget a second about usual streetstyle posts and let's have a look at the crazy, editorial side of photography! Abe chose the absolute perfect location for this fantastic sporty kinda outfit and if you know the racing scene from 'Greace', the music video by Pharrell with 'Happy', then you definitely can recognize the fantastic Los Angeles river, which obviously is more a river bed than a river. I just went to Vegas for the weekend where I could combine this shirt by H&M perfectly due to a cool look for some fancy pool parties! I Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend as well and now a good start in this new week, which unfortunately will be my last one in California. I'm heading off to San Francisco tomorrow and of course I'll keep you updated!



I have totally fallen for Downtown L.A.! I met plenty fantastic artists, photographers and designers, visited the Art Walk and enjoyed my Moscato while reading Burkowsky. When I met Abe Bermudez, I was absolutely overwhelmed due to his work, the way we shooted and the amazing pictured we gained. Downtown was an amazing place to do something fresh and sporty, so I decided to finally get in my Calvin Klein underwear for this (which all the crazy people loved loved by the way). Yeah, last week I fell for dt, but I also fell for a person. But actually this is another story....