Jamaika String Body

Wolford - Such an amazing label. I adore the smooth fabrics, especially this Jamaika String Body. Unfortunately this photo shoot didn't take place in Jamaika, but nevertheless I loved the location! Sometimes it's weird, when you see a place and you think there is nothing special about it. Then you look at the pictures and they turn out to be just fantastic. I adore the coast and everything around it. I guess is gives me a feeling of being free and kinda calm and relaxed. Like this wonderful body does as well... I could wear it all day long and just chill in the sun. Moreover you can combine it perfectly with a high wasted jeans or skirt. I tried it and denim fits perfectly with it! Definitely will take it with me on my L.A. trip.

Photographed by Georg
Styling Merve from Engel + Helden


Venice Gal

Time to wear

When we talk about the California style it seems like it's always connected to young, reckless and beautiful people who enjoy beachlife and love to wear hot pans, belly tops and a pair of cool converse. I guess converse one of the shoe labels that will be IN for a really long time! Only about two weeks left and I will be back in L.A. to enjoy my life there, have some crazy photo shooting and meet a lof of amazing and crazy fashion people. Find the newest and typical converse shoes on escapeshoes.com where they're currently having discounts up to 50%!


Country Gal

My first photo shooting with Marcel Glasmacher was amazing, although we had some problems at the beginning. That day I really didn't feel like working, as I just wrote my collage exams the last 2 weeks. But nevertheless, the wonderful photo story The Country Gal was this day's output! You can also find this post and following editorial ones on my Inspiration site!

High wasted jeans shorts by Abercrombie & Fitch




Introducing SHWETHA Design, a newly launched women’s wear label that offers extremely beautiful bohemian chic bags. When I first met Shwetha I knew this person and her label was going to really inspire me!

“Bohemian. (n.) Gypsy. Wanderer. A person, musician, artist or writer who lives a free spirited life and believes in truth, freedom and love.”

Dress: Brandy&Melville
Jewellery: Zara