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Messy hair Wild heart

We are the music makers and we are the deamers of dreams
Wandering by lone sea-breakers and sitting by desolate streams,
World-losers and world-forsakers, on whom the pale moon gleams,
Yet we are the movers and shakers of the world forever, it seems.



Boho Lace Wedding

Finding your perfect wedding dress is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a wedding. Lace weddings dresses are just beautiful! Obviously I am not planning to marry in the next couple years, but I just love looking at these gorgeous bohemian wedding dresses, dream about marrying a wonderful man by the ocean or in a lovely garden with bunches of flowers and helping my lovely friends to plan their wedding! This 2014 ss collection which you can find on Miaberlin would be just perfect! They have such playful, sexy but still adorable styles and trust me, I would definitely buy my wedding dress there! Especially the cuts are really important. For this post I chose a mermaid, a line and a sheath silhouette and in my opinion these two match best with the lace look as they don't stress this 'princess' style too much and concetrate on a more natural, but still elegant style. Could you imagine a boho wedding for yourself?

Find your lace wedding dress now on Miaberlin:


Nature Child

I really love nature and the escape from that loud and crowded city atmosphere. The bohemian trend also leads you kinda this way. I think today we sometimes interpret the word "bohemian" a false way. Just remind yourself of the time when people just wanted to be free and happy and money didn't play this huge role - the hippies always remind me of the really important things in life and honestly I would have loved to live in the late 60's! But a bohemian is not directly a hippie. So I just searched for a perfect description: 

An individual looked upon in society as strange and different. Imagination controls a Bohemian's life, alot of the time destroying them in the process.
Bohemians care very little for money and (some) stay secluded spending their lives creating art, music and literature.
Without Bohemians, the world would be a complete bore. 
- Frensc Strovslosky.

Meanwhile, a lot of labels are interpreting this absolutely wrong, because they just concentrate on the style and then they put it in a really high price range but a real boho person would never spend that much money on clothes. Obviously my style here is not that hippie and colourful, but at least it's kinda perfect for the country side and reflects a bohemian soul. I bought all my clothes at the Urban Outfitters store in Santa Monica, CA and I enjoy wearing them! A hat, some boots and a pretty dress, this is all I need currently. So would you see yourself like a real bohemian, not merely due to the fashion, but also to your spirit and soul? 


UO Intimates

Let's be a bit nostalgic, sexy and dreamy today. That's exactly what Urban Outfitter's lingerie is like! I adore the cuts, the lovely pale colors and how they are combined with lace. Perfect for a natural, but sexy look beneath your clothes. If you haven't recognized it yet: I just got a little heart tattoo under my right hip! It stands for exactly the person I represent on these pictures. A strong woman who loves herself, has dreams and aims, but never forgets to think realistic. It reminds me of where I got so far and where I wanna stand in couple years. Well, not that I absolutely need to look at a tattoo to remind me of this, but maybe some day I maybe won't know where to go and I'm pretty sure this little heart will lead me in the right direction again and it will say: Never forget to be wild, warmhearted and free like in your twenties!


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